Past Students

Students receiving a Masters in Environmental Studies (MES) from the Environment & Resources Studies Department at the University of Waterloo.

Erin Alexiuk (Winter 2013) - Exploring the Common Ground Between Social Innovation and Indigenous Resurgence: Two Critical Indigenist Case Studies in Indigenous Innovation in Ontario, Canada 

Recognized with the Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies honour at convocation

Lynn Despatie (Winter 2012) - Policy Windows, Organization Change and Traditional Knowledge: A Case Study of the Barriers to Organizational Learning at a Mining Firm in Timmins, Ontario

James Law (Winter 2012) - Developing a Communications Strategy for the Oak Ridges Greenbelt Biosphere Reserve

Elizabeth Wei Liu (Fall 2011) - The Resilience of the Town of Caledon to Growth Pressure

Julia Canning (Fall 2011) - Churches in Transition: The Role of Spirituality and Religious Movements in Sustainability

Kathy Padgett* (Fall 2009) - The Role of Meaningful Public Involvement and Adaptive Capacity in Planning for Sustainability: A Case Study of the Oak Ridges Moraine

* Received a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University