Collaborations for Transformative Education

As society becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, we must develop more sophisticated responses to pressing problems. Organizations and individuals committed to finding effective solutions know that it is impossible to create this kind of transformation alone: new forms of engagement are required between organizations and across sectors; new knowledge must be created; and new roadmaps for action are needed. Students at various levels including mid-career professionals learn about the concepts and theories that frame ideas related to social innovation and collaborate to apply new ideas to design strategies that address challenges. Professional learning and process support, expert advisors, and access to some of the world’s leading educators and consultants are just a few of the unique features of this collaboration for social innovation education.



Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation

What are the truly big questions for Canada? What challenges our country’s current and future capacity to be a model of social and environmental well-being? Are there elements of our culture and beliefs, our governments’ policies and/or the economy that no longer function as well as they could? Can we collaborate for positive change within the web of systems that affect all of us?

Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship Program in Social Innovation

WISIR is pleased to be working with the Rockefeller Foundation to design and deliver the Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship Program in Social Innovation. This program reflects both the realities of our rapidly changing, ever more complex world and the Rockefeller Foundation's goals to deepen understanding, sculpt new ideas, and enhance relationships in order to better address social and environmental problems affecting poor and vulnerable populations.

Innovation Leadership

This five day executive education program equips professionals with strategic approaches to address complex problems. Drawing on local case studies on Haida Gwaii, in combination with the support and perspective of the teams at HGHES and WISIR, this inspiring program gives attendees contemporary perspectives on social innovation, equipping them to lead high impact projects and programs.

Banff Summer School in Social Innovation - Coming Soon!